Liquid honey – HALOGOLD

Liquid honey – one of the oldest and most well-known sweeteners in the entire world

The history of honey might be the oldest of all food ingredients.

The applications are broadly know and its health benefits and durability are known for thousands of years.

As honey is all natural and produced by bees you find qualities from all over the world and from different plants as well as mixes and combinations of regions.

If you are looking for a special quality please send us an inquiry of what you need.

Our range starts with the low priced polyflora honeys from all over the world and rises over special flower honey from distinct regions up to Manuka honey from New Zealand which is well known for its proven health benefits.

We can ship in different packaging and different quantities.

Please do not hesitate to ask for more information or samples. Just use our contact form or give us a call (+49 (0) 4763- 9458410)