Malt Extract / Barley malt extract

Malt extract: Natural and multifunctional products for so many applications

There is a good reason that malt extracts have been a main part of our line for decades.

Some food developers are conviced that malt extracts can improve every recipe at least a little. We can only agree with that as it totally matches our experience of almost 60 years.

Sure our HANSA-MALT products historically have their main applications in the baking field with bakery products and premixes as the usage optimizes the dough structure, the processing and the baking process. Also common is the use in cereals, corn flakes and coatings.

More than that it can be used as a natural flavor enhancer and/or coloring agent in convenience food or dressings. Sweets like malt candy, desserts and puddings can be improved. That all is why we can underline our believe that almost every recipe can be improved by our all natural HANSA-MALT products.

Bottom line: In general malt extract can be used in the food industry if taste and/or color shall be improved by all natural products. Only best malt and water are used for the production. Beside food recipes malt extract can also be used in petfood application, especially as in supplements for cats.

To cover all those different applications we have a broad range of malt extracts:

1. Liquid malt extracts: You have the choice from light and sweet to really dark and aromatic, with or without inherently active enzymes, just give us your requirements. We can supply you with cans, buckets, barrels, IBC or bulk deliveries.

2. Spray dried malt extracts: Again you can choose between lighter, darker, sweeter and more malty products delivered in 25 kg bags on pallets.

No matter what your application is: with our long lasting experience we will give you our best support to achieve your goals in hanseatic tradion of almost 70 years.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with your requests. Surely we are going to find the proper solution for you.