Great ice cream with vegan coconut cream powder

Great ice cream with vegan coconut cream powder

Coconut is a popular ice cream flavor, usually produces with liquid coconut milk. The problem with that is that a standard coconut milk has depending on the fat level about 70-80% water content yielding to a watery taste and too much water in the recipes.

With Coconutmilkpowder HMW 40 VEGAN we have developed a product that avoids exactly this matter as it comes with only 1-2 % moisture content. Hence, you get pure concentrated natural coconut flavor without any effect of water ice.

Coconutmilkpowder HMW 40 VEGAN has a fat content of almost 40 % and has delicious coconut smell and taste. It is easy to use, has a long shelf life and is easy to store. Due to its solubility and stability it is helpful in many applications: you can even use it as a base for other vegan ice creams to replace the animal milk in it. This works for ice cream and powdered premixes.

Interested? Please do not hesitate to ask for more information or free samples. We are pleased to help you and are looking forward to your inquiry.

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NOW in stock: Honey Powder HALOGOLD Organic

As you might already know from our Honeypowder HALOGOLD 50, Honey Powder is an easy to use and easy to store substitute for liquid honey: no mess, no lost, ideal for dry applications and much more…

Today we are happy to inform you that we have an organic quality in stock. Honey Powder HALOGOLD Organic is ready to be shipped right now. It has all the same advantages as our conventional Honey Powder HALOGOLD 50 and is produced with the same high quality standards for your organic product range.

You want to try this great product? Please do not hesitate to contact us for free samples, specifications or prices

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Avoid the mess of liquid honey: Honey Powder HALOGOLD 50

You would like to have honey in your products but you do not want to have the mess with liquid honey or you are creating dry products? We have an ideal solution for you: Honey Powder HALOGOLD 50

You will get an easy to use and easy to store product with no additives except the carrier maltodextrin. And even better: you won’t have any problems with remaining product in the packaging as you know it from liquid honey.

Honeypowder HALOGOLD 50 is packed in 25 kg multiple-layer bags and can be used for all kind of applications, e.g. seasoning, baking, sweets.

Please use our contact form to get prices, specifications or samples.

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Coconut Ingredients – Asian Flair for your products

The market for asian food and food with tropic flair is growing and growing. With more than 30 years of experience in the coconut market we have just extended our range of coconut products. Right now we have three different types of Coconutmilkpowder (a.k.a. Creamed Coconut Powder, Coconutpowder and Coconutmilk Powder):

Coconutmilkpowder HMW 50
Coconutmilkpowder HMW 60
Coconutmilkpowder HMW 40 Vegan

An organic quality is under development and we are working hard to bring it to market ASAP.

For our “liquid” range we are a little step further and are happy to inform you, that we can deliver an organic quality of our Coconut Paste (a.k.a. Coconut Cream, Creamed Coconut) starting NOW. This means that we do have two Coconut Pastes for your developments:

Coconut Paste HMW super fine
Organic Coconut Paste HMW

Both products are 100 % Coconut and come as a solid block. At a temperature of approx. 25-30°C it becomes liquid again.

All of our Coconut ingredients are easy to use and to store.

Please use our contact form if you need samples or specifications.

PS: If you are already using Coconutmilkpowder from other sources, you should not wait to see our product. We are sure that you will get a better product for a much better price.

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